Thursday, July 1, 2010

A modification of this poem. My highest respects are paid to Nabokov.

A Modern Sonnet for Dolores Haze

By Rebecca L. Morrison

I knew you distinctly once more, once more,

In Junes, Julys and Augusts of childhood,

Of sand, sun and greenest seas.

Again, I sin - My lisping Lolita; once more, for you,

Yet the sweets of your lips unwrap my conscious;

And oh, how they send me careening!

Once the playground swings sense stillness,

My mind unwinds your ringlets - My Dolly,

Demanding of little but morning dewdrops,

Craning a coltish neck to my weathered chest.

Dolores, my name now falls surrendered to my desires,

And my limbs ache for the nuanced seduction in your lisp.

You came with the seraphs, the noblest seraphs,

Whose wings were torn by tangles of thorns.

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